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Immunity, Energy and Mindset Program – Introduction


Welcome to the start of reaching your potential and gaining limitless energy.

Thank you for signing up for my FREE 30 day immunity, energy and mindset program.  You are now a Libfin Legend and part of a supportive community.  Here you have the freedom to just be you, get help from myself and a growing community of kickass people who are taking the first steps to transforming their lives. My mission is to help you become the most energised and best you can be.

This program is designed to help you uncover what is keeping you stuck.  This will help you create healthy habits, feel energised and change your outlook of yourself and your life for the better.


Follow the program week by week, unlocking and changing your habits

Fill in weekly reports to see your progress and keep you motivated, writing down the answers to the questions and taking action from them. I suggest using a diary or an exercise book.


I feel at this time that our immune system is the most important aspect to be educated on, as it is everything that keeps us well.  So, what is our immune system? And how does it work?

In short, the immune system is a very complex network of proteins and cells that defend the body against infection.  The main parts of the immune system that fight infection are made up of:

  • White blood cells
  • Antibodies
  • The spleen
  • The thymus
  • The lymphatic system
  • The compliment system
  • Bone marrow

For us to have a healthy immune system, we must have a healthy gut biome and treat our body kindly. This means having a varied and natural diet, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.  Sounds easy right? But in our modern world we over-extend ourselves. We work hard, don’t get enough sleep, eat and drink foods that are detrimental to our health and usually don’t exercise enough.

So how do we get our immune system in tip top shape? (which means our whole being will be full of energy and vitality)


  • We look at our lifestyle and determine what we need to change.
  • What foods we can cut out and what foods we need more of.
  • We look at our sleep patterns and make changes to get more
  • We look at our energy levels (are we suffering auto- immune deficiencies?)
  • How can we incorporate less stress in our lives and what practices can we put in place to keep us healthy and strong?
  • Where can we fit more body movement into our days?

There are no excuses, these excuses are all in our mind. So we need to start with our mindset.

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