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Too yummy Protein chocolate Bliss Balls

These little balls of goodness are a little addictive so can be hard to stop eating.  They are great for post workout or a snack during the day, especially if you feel the need for sugar or craving chocolate.

They are a little sticky, but this is good as they take a while to eat. They are my go-to as they keep my blood sugar level when I want a snack and are packed with energy !!

¼ cup flax seeds (fibre, protein, good for the bowls)

1 cup pecan nuts

1 cup almonds

½ cup cashews

5 medjool dates (or about 10 normal dried dates)

2 tbs chocolate protein powder (clean)

1 tbs vanilla protein powder (clean)

1tbs raw Cacao

2 tbs coconut oil

If you have a thermomix then use that, otherwise a blender will be fine.

Wizz together the flax seeds until fine.  Then add the nuts and dates and whizz together until well combined. Add the powders and then mix until the mixture becomes warm and starts to stick together. Add coconut oil as necessary until the mixture can roll into a ball.

Makes about 16 balls. Feel free to adjust quantities and ingredients to taste.

Supercharge Tip; these are already packed with protein but you can roll in crushed nuts or coconut

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