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RELATIONSHIPS: Standing in your power

Relationships are not an easy path, but to truly stand in your own power, owning and accepting your own desires and what you want in a relationship will help you to align with and receive love from the right person.

Dating is a great time for self-reflection and having the courage to stand true to what you want in your future relationship.

If they do not want what you want, that is ok.  It is not rejection; it is a certain clarity that will help both of you move on.  Checking in with yourself and sticking to your guns, the connection you need to feel and what relationship you want can be an immensely powerful tool for self-worth. This is important so you do not become the sheep, putting yourself second and becoming powerless to receive your desires. Which leads to both partners becoming unhappy in the relationship.

It is important to communicate what you feel, and to understand the needs and wants of the other.

Asking someone where you stand can feel uncomfortable, especially as we usually prepare for rejection. We tend to give our power away. But it is just as uncomfortable for the other as well. So, to feel centred and certain about standing your ground, will give the other the same power to let their feelings out and trust you.  Even if this means the relationship will end.

In order to create the relationship you truly desire you both need to be on the same page. You also must be brave and prepare for the ‘NO ’word.  Not everyone will be able to meet you where you desire to go, even if you have strong feelings for each other. This is OK.  Standing in your power will get you there.

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