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Libby is a certified health and life coach with a proven record for helping both men and women change their lives.

She is committed to finding the best strategies that work. Her unique approach helps you release unwanted habits and thoughts while introducing you to a healthier life that works for you.

Libby offers

1;1 coaching,

group coaching

couples coaching.

She has a no-diet approach to nutrition, while educating you on food as medicine for high energy.

She is experienced in relationship coaching and her life coaching skills and own life experience as a divorcee, have helped couples find love again.

She will teach you communication skills that can completely change your thought patterns and improve your relationship.

She offers her signature program “Beyond Divorce / Relationships”

This program can set you free from the battles of failed relationships with compassion and laughter, helping you find courage and self-love, while improving overall health and vitality at the same time.

1;1 coaching is recommended for anyone needing direction in their lives. It takes time to break free from old trauma, habits and patterns of negativity that seem to be on repeat.

Libby uses strategies to stop these patterns and help you move to a better place physically, mentally and emotionally. While gaining insightful nutrition and health benefits that are literally life changing.

Libfin Lifestyle Coaching


Want to get down and dirty about relationships?

Want to feel sexy, empowered, loving and above all, love yourself enough to feel this way.

this workshop is about:

  • relationships
  • our bodies
  • sexuality
  • self worth
  • libido issues & why we may not have one
  • love
  • body image
  • empowerment
  • why you are good enough
Libfin Lifestyle Womens Wellbeing Workshops


All women can relate about our body issues, childbirth, menopause, weight-gain and loss, self-sabotage and lack of confidence. The more beautiful ladies I work with the more I realise just how much pressure we put on ourselves. We feel we need to conform to what we think is expected of us. We work tirelessly to please others, be there for everyone, take on the female and male roles, work full time, parent full time, be a fabulous wife and mother, be hot as hell… the list goes on.

How about we just stop and be.

These workshops are about how to stay healthy as busy women. I can help you:

  • learn to love yourself again
  • learn to just be you and be happy with that
  • get the right nutrition for your body type
  • gain more energy
  • deal with menopause and hormone imbalance
  • quit sugar and other habits
  • lose weight without radical dieting
  • become fit, strong and in control, all with a smile.


  • one off nutrition sessions
  • one off body-love session
  • relationship sessions
  • public speaking
  • pantry clean-outs and a fun shopping trip
  • how to create healthy eating habits for children
Libfin Lifestyle Other Services

Testimonial 1

Perspective, priority and permission are the three words that spring to mind with Lib.
There is something beautifully empowering about giving yourself permission to put your health first and become a priority in your own life.
The benefits that flow on are endless and you will have a new perspective on what affects your health and how to change.
Inspiring results from an inspiring.

lady x GD

Testimonial 2

When I signed up for some coaching with Libby,I thought I was just going to lose weight to feel better. I didn’t realise how negatively I viewed myself.
Thanks to Lib can now feel confident again, and I feel so energised!! Showing up for myself is worth every penny!


Testimonial 3

Thanks so much for today & last week. I think I want things to happen “now” & forget its small steps. And that if I think about it & stop being so critical that I am making small improvements.
So thank you for that. For grounding me, nagging like a mofo & making myself accountable.

Testimonial 4

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have done for me over the past 12 weeks! This is the first time i have really sought help in creating better habits.
We always know It was going to be tough, but your support really did help. The exercises we did together made me think about where it all started and why I have become the person I am.
I thought our sessions were going to be all about food. But they were so much more.
At times it was confronting and hard to talk about, but was a great relief to get it out. It made me realise the way I feel about myself is what is holding me back and I have no reason to feel what way.
I can now move on and make better decisions. Thanks so much.

AB, Perth


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