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About Libfin


Listening to your body, giving it nourishment in all areas of wellbeing are what I strive to teach and nurture with my clients. Eating intuitively, without guilt, and choosing what is right for you, not what isn’t.

A no deprivation approach to healthy eating, while increasing physical activity and mental health.

Changing our behaviours and habits can be a big challenge and it can take a lot of effort. But not changing unhealthy habits, in the long run, will cause more damage and give us an even harder task to fix. Loving yourself, saying ‘Hell Yes’ to an awesome life is where we can do the most work together.  You will be feeling and looking amazing, totally happy in your skin! This is the best part!

If you are feeling stuck, then you are not alone. I have been there too!!


  • A non-diet, no guilt approach to wellness
  • Discover how to heal and sustain a healthy gut biome
  • overcoming emotional eating issues, saying goodbye to yoyo dieting for good
  • a re-connection to your mind and body relationship that will totally improve your wellbeing
  • Weight-loss or gain
  • body confidence
  • Strategies for overcoming stress and stress related illness
  • Heart health / diabetes / obesity – through diet and lifestyle
  • Fitness and body movement that suits the individual to create a fit, strong, healthy and unique you
  • Overcoming addictive behaviours.
Libby Finlayson


I am a fun-loving, energetic mum of three kids! I have always had a love of nutrition, exercise and the outdoors. I have a passion for nature, animals, gardening and love to cook. I have also been through ups and downs in my life that have been at times down right shit!  But, with resilience and a love of life, I now have overcome my biggest hurdles, and can help you to overcome yours, with love and compassion.  I also bring a kick-ass approach and soul led way of coaching to get you to move into awesomeness!


  1. NUTRITION– being a complete foodie, I have always appreciated wholesome, homemade food. Growing up as a farmer I learned very quickly where food comes from and the benefits of fresh, homegrown produce.
  2. FAMILY/COMMUNITY– My family means the world to me. I also feel that being part of the wider community and supporting local gives you a sense of belonging and satisfaction. What you give, you get back.
  3. BODY MOVEMENT– I just love to exercise. I have always been energetic! My working life has always incorporated physical activity, including outback FIFO work and station life. I also love to run, swim and ride horses.
  4. NATURE– Our natural environment is where we are meant to be. It is important for our mental and physical health to get outside, touch the earth barefoot, smell the fresh air and appreciate what mother nature has to offer.
  5. SELF IMPROVEMENT AND CARE– If we don’t take care of ourselves, we cannot take care of the ones we love. Going through my own personal journey of divorce, grief, self-doubt and complete unexpected lifestyle change, I realised I had to take care of my mental and emotional state. Self- care is the embodiment of a fulfilled life, that can completely change your inner critic to inner love.

Why are these five pillars of health so important?

Because I love to be happy and fulfilled! There will always be ups and downs and accepting negatives and dealing with them is critical! Choosing what is right for your mind and body nutritionally, physically and mentally can make all the difference to where you go in your health and life journey.

I am continually educating myself in all areas of a healthy lifestyle, not only to fulfill my own dreams but to help you fulfill yours. As a certified Health, wellness and life Coach through Health Coach Institute, I am here to help YOU CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE. I’ve gone from NO WILL POWER, TO ALL POWER and you can too!

Testimonial 1

Perspective, priority and permission are the three words that spring to mind with Lib.
There is something beautifully empowering about giving yourself permission to put your health first and become a priority in your own life.
The benefits that flow on are endless and you will have a new perspective on what affects your health and how to change.
Inspiring results from an inspiring.

lady x GD

Testimonial 2

When I signed up for some coaching with Libby,I thought I was just going to lose weight to feel better. I didn’t realise how negatively I viewed myself.
Thanks to Lib can now feel confident again, and I feel so energised!! Showing up for myself is worth every penny!


Testimonial 3

Thanks so much for today & last week. I think I want things to happen “now” & forget its small steps. And that if I think about it & stop being so critical that I am making small improvements.
So thank you for that. For grounding me, nagging like a mofo & making myself accountable.

Testimonial 4

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have done for me over the past 12 weeks! This is the first time i have really sought help in creating better habits.
We always know It was going to be tough, but your support really did help. The exercises we did together made me think about where it all started and why I have become the person I am.
I thought our sessions were going to be all about food. But they were so much more.
At times it was confronting and hard to talk about, but was a great relief to get it out. It made me realise the way I feel about myself is what is holding me back and I have no reason to feel what way.
I can now move on and make better decisions. Thanks so much.

AB, Perth


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